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How do we see breast cancer today?

How do we see breast cancer today?


  • Prior to 2017, former patients had to pay security deposits in excess of their bank loans for up to 20 years after their treatment ended.
  • The ‘right to be forgotten’ now allows for one’s illness not to be declared after a 10-year period (5 years for young patients).

On the occasion of its anniversary, RoseUp, with the support of the Viavoice Institute, interviewed the French about the evolution of their understanding and management of breast cancer over the past decade.

One in three French (35%) knows the right to be forgotten

67% of the French believe that within 10 years, cancer has become less and less a taboo, and 35% believe that cancer is no longer a taboo at all today. One in three French (35%) knows the right to be forgotten, and 37% think that ten years is too long. Finally, 68% of French people believe that supporting patients in their daily lives is better than it was 10 years ago.

Examination is necessary

In France, every year 58,500 people (including 1% of men) develop breast cancer, and 12,100 people die from it. Thus, in 2021, 1 in 8 women are at risk. “To fight this lesion, screening and early diagnosis is essential: canceling a late screening or mammogram appointment means risking diagnosis and treatment too late, which can have serious consequences. However, if caught early, breast cancer is cured in 90% of cases!”, Remember the Anti-Cancer League.