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How do I delete the virtual friend “My AI”?

By Roman Sharp

How to remove the MY AI chatbot from your iPhone? We have answered this question in the following article!

My AI is an easy to use chatbot builder. Regard of artificial intelligence (I l). It has been available on Snapchat since May 2, 2023 (via iOS). This tool allows Snapchatters to create and customize Their chatbot. In fact, this conversation tool is integrated into Snapchat. For example, My AI responds to user requests, incl when searching for services or activities (museums, restaurants, hiking) to be done near your home.

The process depends on the location Your geographical location. It uses the same Chat GPT technology in parallel. However, it seems that the Snapchat virtual assistant has not created enthusiasm among the users. They tend to find this AI a bit too intrusive. In addition, the tool will use the geolocation of those who use it against their will. For some Snapchat usersso My AI is of little use and it is best to delete it.

Remove My AI from Snapchat

On the official Snapchat page, this is clearly stated Snapchat+ users only They have the power to wipe out My AI. ” Snapchat+ subscribers get early access to My AI features and the ability to uninstall or remove My AI from their chat news feed“, Can we read. On a practical level, the procedure to be carried out is very basic. You must first click on “My AI” (conversational space), and then go On the Chat Settings tab. Then you need to select the “Delete from chat feed” tab. And voila.

Here’s another way to go: Select the Settings tab, then select Privacy Controls option. Then you check the “Delete Data” function. To do this, it is necessary to click on the cross on the left side, On the level of my AI conversation. for users a Snapchat account For free, it is possible to limit the functions of artificial intelligence, as indicated on the site Numerama.

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