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How did my past accounts go awry?

How did my past accounts go awry?

Due to the deterioration of the health situation in recent weeks

How did my past accounts go awry?

After England’s half-failure against Sierra Leone on Tuesday (0/0), many reasons were given to justify this negative result. We talked about the heat, the jabuma grass, and the ineffectiveness of the attackers. But a factor that may have contributed to this poor entry into the matter of greens is the defection of some items due to their contamination with Covid-19. Besides Al-Zarrouqi, Ounas and Al-Tahra, it seems that Adam Zerjan, although he was on the bench, did not have all his physical capabilities, because he showed some symptoms before the match. Belmadi, who considered starting against Sierra Leone after his impressive performance a few days ago against Ghana (3/0), had to review his options. Hence the question that arises: Was it necessary to conduct the preparatory session in Doha? Because in addition to the players mentioned, one of the members of the technical staff, in this case Serge Romano, did not come to Douala with the rest of the delegation that arrived last Saturday. If the decision to go to Doha was beneficial to the national team ahead of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations with EN consecration in Egypt, this time, we can safely say that the choice was not good for causing the health crisis. Indeed, in the capital of the small Gulf emirate that receives thousands of tourists throughout the year, not to mention the recent Arab Nations Cup, which was attended by thousands of fans of the participating teams, all these places contributed to the spread of the virus. Admittedly, by choosing Doha, EN had more chances to play matches there. After scheduling two meetings, EN was satisfied with only one friendly match after the Gambian national team withdrew at the last minute. It seems that, perhaps, too, Djamel Belmadi chose Doha in terms of excellent sports infrastructure, ultra-modern medical structures (Aspetar) or superstition, because in this city, England prepared the 2019 African Cup of Nations with the result we know.

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Paris Saint-Germain canceled its training

The club from the French capital, owned by a Qatari investment group, has been doing a short internship in Doha for years. This time, he skipped training scheduled for January 16-20 after a deterioration and an explosion of positive cases for the Omicron variant. As a precaution, the Paris leaders considered it dangerous to go to Doha, to avoid injury to the players, the Paris club indicated, two days ago.

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