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House of Representatives: Kevin McCarthy suffers fourth failure

House of Representatives: Kevin McCarthy suffers fourth failure

Donald Trump’s statement ultimately did not have the intended effect. During a fresh vote Wednesday afternoon, Republican-elect once again showed their split by giving 201 votes to California Representative Kevin McCarthy — the favorite — to 20 votes to Florida Representative-elect Byron Donalds.

It took Kevin McCarthy 218 votes to win the majority needed to become Speaker of the House.

So the siege continues. A day after the day that ended with three consecutive failures by the Republicans to determine which of them will lead the House of Representatives, Donald Trump called on his supporters on Wednesday morning to support the nomination of Kevin McCarthy for the position of Speaker of the House. Parliament.

Now is the time for the greatest elected Republican in the House of Representatives to vote for KevinDonald Trump said this morning on his Truth Social network.

After the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives from the Democrats in the recent midterm elections, the Republicans, on the other hand, have only a slim majority. But the refusal of about twenty deputies loyal to Donald Trump to support the candidacy of Kevin McCarthy led to this impasse. Trump’s elected officials believe Mr. McCarthy is very medial to fill this position.

And despite casting three consecutive votes on Tuesday, the Republican-elect failed to muster the 218 votes needed to win the House presidency due to the elected Trumpists’ support for other candidates.

Without the support of Donald Trump’s supporters, Kevin McCarthy has been beaten on every vote by his Democratic opponent from New York state, Hakeem Jeffries, who has the support of 212 elected members of his party. This is a completely symbolic first place, as Mr. Jeffries cannot hope to collect the votes needed to win, the Democrats are in the minority in the House of Representatives.

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Republicans currently hold 222 out of 435 seats in the House of Representatives, compared to 212 for the Democrats. The seat is vacant.

Since it takes at least 218 Republican votes to elect a Speaker of the House, the 20 or so opponents of Kevin McCarthy’s nomination could make the suspense last longer, believes Raphael Jacob, a research associate at the US Observatory. Raoul Dandurand chair

Having such a short majority […] This means that you only need a few legislators banding together to block anyone’s way. And they are able to do that. »

Quote from Raphael Jacob, research associate at the Raoul Dandurand Chair Observatory in the United States


The division within the Republican Party that this Trumpian faction embodies severely harms the party’s credibility, as confirmed by Antoine Yoshinaka, professor of political science at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

It shows that they are not in a position to rule. […] It sometimes appears that some members of this anti-McCarthy faction are almost juveniles. We have reached the point where we are just opposing to the oppositionMr. Yoshinaka thought.

There are GOP donors who are panicking right now and saying, “We don’t look serious here!”

important position

The election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives may seem a little far fetched. But it is of paramount importanceMr. Jacob confirms.

In constitutional terms, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is second in the line of succession to the President, after the Vice President. […]. From a legislative perspective, he is the most important person in the US Congress. Why? Because for any bill to become law in the United States, it must pass through the House of Representatives. And any bill that must be approved by the House of Representatives must pass through the President, who has a kind of veto power, if you will, over all federal legislation.Mr. Jacob explained on the ICI RDI airwaves.

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It is noteworthy that the Democrats currently control the presidency (Joe Biden) as well as the US Senate. The House of Representatives, the third legislature, has been in Republican hands since the fall.

The position of Speaker of the House has been held since 2019 by Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to hold this position in the United States (2007 to 2011).

Mrs. Pelosi, whose husband was seriously injured during an attack on his homeLast October, by a man who made it his mission to break Mrs. Pelosi’s legs, Relinquished command of the Democratic Forces last November.