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Hôtel Windsor and Drummondville Liquor Stores

Hôtel Windsor and Drummondville Liquor Stores

Yolande Allard – Drummond Historical Society

Drummond History Society. In Quebec, under Canada Temperance Act From 1885, he called Scott’s lawA license to sell liquor may only be issued for medical or secret purposes. In Drummond County, a referendum resulted in the withdrawal of said law in 1892. However, the Drummondville Municipal Council, under pressure from the clergy, limited the number of hotels allowed in the territory to four and fixed the annual cost at $200 for an operating license.

Ephraim Archambault, owner of the Windsor Hotel. (Drummond Historical Society, Yolande Allard Fund, p. 17)

In addition, the sale of spirits is prohibited on Sundays and holidays, except on presentation of a certificate signed by a physician and signed by the St. Frederick’s parish priest or Anglican priest. At all times minors and admitted drunks are compelled to abstain. Finally, the closing time of the bars was set at 23:00.

The four hotels designated by the City Council line Heriot Street. The oldest hotel, the Boisvert Hotel, also known as the Drummondville Hotel, is located on the north side, opposite Loring Street. The other three were built on the south side, namely Grand Central, at the junction of Cockburn Street, American House, opposite St George’s Anglican Church, and Albion, behind Rail Road.

To quench their thirst, honorable citizens may also stock up on bottles of beer at Ferland on Dorion Street, or further down town at the liquor counter of the Turcotte General Store, located on the corner of Heriot and Du Bridge.

Ephraim Archambault thought he had smelled a good business opportunity when, in 1895, he undertook the construction of a hotel at Lindsay and Cockburn Streets. Named after Windsor, the brick building is three storeys high. The floor area is approximately 2,500 square feet. The bar or pub welcomes merry makers on the ground floor.

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The competition is fierce and the hotel owner’s job does not suit Avram. Also, less than five years after opening, Windsor leased to Octave Burke, who ended the lease after one year. After that, a man named Vincent Dacton Valley tried to carry the torch, but to no avail. Neither Porky nor Vincent could turn a profit. Ephrem found it sold to Lacasse & Gendreau, who re-assigned it to him a few months later, in April 1909. In the end, the municipal council refused his operating permit, even though he himself was an alderman…

Grand Central Hotel, Heriot Street, Drummondville, circa 1920. (Drummond Historical Society, Postcard Collection; C3-3.1D1)

Providence finally appeared in November 1910 in the guise of the Nicolet Sisters of Charity, who agreed to rent his hotel to convert it into a hospital. The lease term is four years and five months at an annual rent of $550.50. When the lease expires, the sisters move into a larger building formerly used for teaching purposes. The hotel hospital was then sold to the notary Edmond Rousseau de Saint-Severin. It will later be converted into a multi-unit home.

JN Turcotte General Store, Heriot Street, Drummondville, 1890. (Drummond Historical Society, Regional Collection; IC-2.4E3)