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Hotel manager caught sucking guest’s toes while sleeping

A hotel manager in Tennessee has been arrested for sneaking into a guest room to suck his toes.

This story, as implausible as it is twisted, took place on the night of March 30th at A.J The Hilton in downtown Nashvillein the United States of America.

At around 5 a.m., venue manager David Neal, 52, allegedly programmed a key to get into the establishment’s guest room, police said last Friday.

Once inside, the employee would start sucking the toes of the man who was fast asleep.

Then the client woke up with a start, while his toes were in David Neal’s mouth.

The victim in this case allegedly told the police that he recognized the employee, because the latter had come to his room a few days earlier to resolve a problem with the television.

In his defense, David Neal would have told the police that he actually entered the room, not to suck a client’s toes, but to make sure he was okay. Neil said he smelled smoke coming from the bedroom.

No other employee or customer reported smelling smoke that morning.

David Neal has been arrested for burglary and assault. His bail was set at $27,000.

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