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Hospitality: A local entrepreneur launches an app for cashless tips

A Quebec entrepreneur has launched an app to help hoteliers attract and retain workers by allowing staff to tip them even if guests don’t have cash.

This solution is called Tip & Go, and it’s a simple QR code that allows hotel guests to tip when they don’t have cash with them. Instead of the traditional paper envelope, Tip & Go offers an electronic envelope with the employee’s name and an associated QR code.

Tips paid through a QR code can boost employee compensation by up to 30%, says Frances Leonard, the company’s president and CEO.

Frances Leonard, President and CEO, Tip & Go

Image courtesy Frances Leonard

Frances Leonard, President and CEO, Tip & Go

“Maids, janitors and janitors, historically, tend. Stats say they were earning between $150 and $250 a week before the pandemic and [à l’époque où les gens avaient plus d’argent comptant sur eux]. Now, only about 10% of people have cash on them, so now they’re making $15-$25 a week,” explains Mr. Leonard.

According to the CEO of Tip & Go, about 80% of employees leave the hospitality sector for economic reasons.

“This is the highest rate of all sectors of activity in Canada,” continues Mr. Leonard.

He believes that the QR code can enhance recruitment and retention of the workforce primarily to attract salaries. Getting better advice also encourages employees to maintain high standards in their work.

Employees will have access to a secure dashboard that allows them to see their earnings, and hotel managers will be able to view a dashboard showing reviews, ratings, and tip statistics. All without management and transaction fees for the hotel owner.

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The entrepreneur specifies “the hotel staff who have a share of the service to pay in the transaction”.

Tip & Go has already been published in a few institutions, but Mr. Leonard has preferred not to mention them for the time being.

He adds that Tip & Go should be deployed in the establishments of many hotel chains. This meaning is expected to be announced soon.

This type of service is offered in many other countries. Here, other companies, such as Teknotip, offer to pay tips using a QR code. The latter is found in a few establishments in Quebec, including Le Concorde.

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