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Horror, misfortune: No beer in deconfined UK

Horror, misfortune: No beer in deconfined UK

April 12, a month later Disabling Hardly allowed the country Regain control of the infection And with an effective virus removal strategy, the UK began to regain some of the resemblance of ordinary life in one of its finest places: In advertisements, And more accurately terraces with 40% outdoor space in 37,500 British pubs.

The weather was definitely cold, but cloudy, so the beer would start to flow again. It did this to close the deficit of some companies and to keep the brewers, and it did plenty Still engages in training In embarrassment.

“Our predictions were violated”, Thus explains au Financial Times Bill Urban is the owner of Mitchells & Butlers, the largest pub group in the country. “Suppliers can’t act fast enough.”

The British Daily explains that in the first week of re-opening, beer consumption was 12% higher than in the same period in 2019, and that pubs are still only partially open, with the addition added two years ago in the same week.

Locker terraces

“The truth was three times higher than our expectations and no one expected it, Explains Jean-David Tumler, Sales Manager, Budweiser Brewing Group in Great Britain and Ireland. We are in the first moment of happiness and we hope it will last until the restrictions are completely removed. ”

To meet this (bizarre) unexpected demand, the group’s distilleries are turning the clock, and small producers are finding it difficult to regain – or exceed – their full production capacity. “We did not think we would get to this point so soon.”, Says founder Evin O’Reilly Colonel Liquor.

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According to the Financial Times, Heinkein had gone too far, greatly underestimating the demand of Amstel and Birra Moretti, and was forced to ration its client pubs to three barrels.

The company seeks to increase its production capacity, and explains that it is working with its continental subsidiaries to import more beer – this is another index and painful pin on the company’s side. முதல் UK first Brexiters.

Let this British accident be a lesson to the French government, which is already preparing for a return to life, rather than a worse health condition. If the infection is its management To say the least is objectionable, When the terraces reopen next, he succeeds in laying down a policy to quench all thirst, even the most indescribable.