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Hollywood stars in Super Bowl ads

Hollywood stars in Super Bowl ads

It’s common knowledge that the excitement isn’t just confined to the football field during the Super Bowl. While some are more fond of the match or the half-time show, others follow the event to discover new announcements made especially for the occasion. Here are 16 Hollywood stars who have been recruited by major corporations to promote their new products.

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Nissan has really blown us away in recent weeks… and that was just the beginning. Tomorrow we’ll finally find out the full trailer for [faux] Thrill Driver, featuring his Arya and Z vehicles. Canadian actor Eugene Levy becomes both a hero and a villain, crossing paths with Brie Larson, Catherine O’Hara, Dave Bautista and Danai Gurira in a series of hilarious action scenes.

Zac Efron splits up – think Jekyll and Hyde – to play two hunters with opposite looks. If one is rude and the other is resolutely cleaner, they still have a common goal: to praise the benefits of high-speed Internet for the American company AT&T.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus? Why not! The iconic Terminator slips into the skin of the Greek god of sky and thunder to represent the BMW brand’s electric vehicles. Salma Hayek will also appear in the final product, posing as Hera, wife – and sister – of Zeus.

After surprising us at The White Lotus last year, Jennifer Coolidge put her deliciously playful spirit into serving Uber Eats and product delivery services of all kinds. We can’t help but laugh at the sight of the American actress chewing a stick of lipstick with all the candor and calmness we know about her.

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American actress Anna Kendrick has a partner known to promote mortgage provider Rocket Mortgage: Barbie. We know very little about the true concept of this commercial, but one thing is for sure, we’ll hear back to find out tomorrow night.

Demi Moore and Mila Kunis – the former and current wife of Ashton Kutcher, respectively – cross over at a high school meeting to announce the company’s new AT&T announcement. Fun fact: In addition to having a cross romantic history, the two women actually attended the same high school in Los Angeles (despite having been three decades apart). “We have a lot in common,” Mila Kunis drops. He could have said it better.

The most unlikely duo is back together again, this time to promote Bic’s new lighters. We’re obviously hitting allusions to cannabis, which the rappers love, highlighting the differences that couldn’t be more striking between the two partners. A formula that hits the mark every time.

His name has been on everyone’s lips since he formed a couple with Kim Kardashian. The SNL actor actually parodied his long list of love affairs—which includes Kate Beckinsale and Ariana Grande—in Hellman’s new mayonnaise ad, which, if not actually plausible, is kind of entertaining.

Star Ted Lasso — and countless British musicals — Hannah Waddingham embodies extravagance even in Rakuten’s new ad. The actress does her best at a poker game held at the posh Hatfield House in London.

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It’s clear that comedians stop at nothing to savor their favorite snacks. So Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd gather around a bag of chips to reminisce about their fondest memories: a road trip, a hijacking, a plane crash… nothing escapes them. And of course, each of these scenes highlights Lay’s products.

Increasingly, smart speakers seem to do it all…or almost. The couple shaped by Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost actually imagine where these computerized tools – here the model fell on Amazon – can read their users’ thoughts. They figured that wouldn’t be the best idea.

“But what’s going on with Lindsay Lohan? asks Planet Fitness. The star, now complete after a decade of very public adventures, shows a good dose of self-mockery in this ad as she doubles down on nods to her old demons…all while grabbing her shoulders with William Shatner, Dennis Rodman and Danny Trejo.