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History of French Ontario in Comics: Time and Space Burst

A comic book has a smaller audience that doesn’t always know the history of its community. French Ontario Heritage Network Fix it by post shine on! Franco stories in Ontario.

The original idea for this album was Body Ngoy, but it was Felix Saint-Denis who conducted the research and wrote the script. Illustrations by Hisham Absa. In the audio-visual version, Brian St-Pierre signs the music.

From 1610 until today

The history of French Ontario is told from 1610 to the present day. This is what I did by posting French Ontario, Four Centuries of History (David, 2013).

200 pages of my detailed research are summarized here in a quarantine as five young explorers of diverse backgrounds plunge into the heat of the action across time and space.

Lisa, from Hearst, is a French-Canadian mother and Portuguese father. Stevie, from Windsor, Irish father and French Canadian mother. Micah, from Sudbury, has an African father and a Caribbean mother. Sam, Ottawa, has Vietnamese grandparents. Evelyn, Welland, is of French and Native American ancestry. Felix, from Chute-à-Blondeau, serves as captain.

Fabulous historical figures

From Windsor Settlement in 1701 to Black Thursday in 2018, including Hawkesbury sawmill, the fires in the North in 1911, 1916 and 1922, Regulation 17 in 1912 and the Benitangeshen School Crisis in 1979, our young explorers meet fantastic personalities who help not only To relive parts of history, but also to discover the precious values ​​that unite all Franco-Ontarians.