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Historic second round: Who will chair the sustainable development consortium between Pierre-Luc Briant and Tania Kontoiani?

The suspense surrounding Sophie Pregent’s succession is far from over. In the issue of a premier tour, a processus of ballottage, an enclenched ballot for the first time in the history of the syndicate profession, determined by the comedians Pierre-Luc Brillant and Tania Kontoyanni, succeeded in the presidency of 10 Last few years.

Pierre Luc Brilliant

Photo Archive, QMI Agency

Pierre Luc Brilliant

Pierre-Luc Briant (32.4%) and Tania Kontoianni (32.9%) had the most support – Michel Langevin and Sylvain Massy were also in the running – after the first vote held recently, meaning they were nominated as presidential candidates. For this historic second round. It is necessary to obtain 50% of the votes + 1 to be appointed as the Grand Master of the UDA.

Tania Kontoianni

Photo Archive, QMI Agency

Tania Kontoianni

The second vote is scheduled for April 4-6, and the identity of the new president will be known on April 7.

Note that 29.7% of the 8,578 active voting members participated in the vote. For the first time, a seat was reserved for a First Nations member. Charles was elected Robertson’s agent.

UDA Board of Directors for the period 2023-2027:

Actors and Actresses category

  • Eloy Archim Bowdoin
  • Olivier Aubin
  • Pierre Luc Brilliant
  • Annette Garant
  • Tania Kontoianni
  • Michelle Labriere
  • Sylvain Mass
  • Sophie Pregent
  • Lilly Thibault

The category of singers and singers

  • David Busiris
  • Charlotte Cumberbatch
  • France love

Animation category

  • Frederick Bastien Forest

Dancers class – dancers

  • Kathleen Greco
  • Yannick Moysan

Quebec Regional Department

  • Marie Eve Campeau
  • Jean-Michel Girouard
  • Annabelle Pelletier Legros
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Toronto Regional Branch

Member of First Nations, Métis or Inuit

  • Charles Buckel Robertson