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His solar panel heat pump saved him more than $800 in one year

His solar panel heat pump saved him more than $800 in one year

A Montreal resident who runs his heat pump using solar panels reduced his energy consumption by 11,062 kilowatt-hours in one year, saving him more than $800.

Truong Nguyen, an electrical engineer, had five solar panels of 400 watts each installed on the sloped roof of his home in October 2022.

According to Hydro-Québec consumption reports that showed –Newspaperrecorded an invoice of $1,202.84 for the period from October 8, 2022 to October 6, 2023.

His bill from October 8, 2021 to October 8, 2022 was $2,028.78. Then it had an oil heating system. Overall, this means a savings of $825.94 for the first year of using the system.

Its consumption reached 28,958 kWh from October 2021 to 2022 and 17,896 kWh from 2022 to 2023 (October), which means a decrease of 11,062 kWh.

Different system

However, Mr. Nguyen wants to clarify that he does not have a traditional solar system, with an inverter and batteries.

“I don't store energy because I don't have batteries, it only works when there is light (the sun doesn't have to be strong),” says Mr. Nguyen. In the evening, it's definitely running on Hydro-Québec. »

Trung Nguyen regularly monitors the performance of his system.

Simon Desorault

Future profitability

Therefore, Truong Nguyen invested $8,000 in his project. The heat pump and installation cost him about $4,000, the solar panels cost him $2,000, and the installation of the panels cost him $2,000.

“People talk a lot about return on investment, but if you install an inverter and batteries and 'get by' on $40,000 with a traditional system, that's great,” he explains.

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“The difference in your return on investment is the initial cost, and I try to reduce the initial cost as much as possible,” he adds.

Mr. Nguyen believes his system will have a 10-year return on investment, which will be reduced to 5 years with a $4,000 grant.

The federal government provides up to $5,000 for the installation of photovoltaic panels in the residential sector.

0601 casa heat pumps

Trung Nguyen is located next to his house where you can see the solar panels on his roof.

Simon Desorault

Heat pump

The heat pump plays a big role in Mr. Truong's finding, explains Patrick Goulet, president of Énergie Solar Québec, a directory of solar installers and consultants.

“It's a heat pump like any other, but it can operate in hybrid mode (powered by solar and hydro in Quebec),” he explains.

“The heat pump system will prioritize solar energy as long as there is sunlight,” Mr. Goulet explained. Once evening falls, Hydro takes over the heat pump operation. »

No inverter

The solar installation does not require an inverter as the system is connected directly to the heat pump.

“It is the direct current that feeds the heat pump,” explains the expert. The installation cost is less than the cost of an inverter that converts direct current to alternating current. »

However, Mr. Goulet would like to point out that the solar panels only power the heat pump and nothing else in the house.