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His heart is in pieces, Dan Bigrass announces sad news

His heart is in pieces, Dan Bigrass announces sad news

It’s on Facebook Dan He announced his sad decision with a broken heart:

Welcome everyone. Usually, advertising for Show du Refuge is a lot of fun. Today is more difficult. Much more difficult. My heart is torn, but after thirty-two years of hard work but also great musical pleasure, I find myself tired, and my thoughts are running out. I’ve been doubting for several years now and postponing my decision….which is now. It’s time to make room for others, younger and crazier… just like us National Robert.

After the release of the 2022 show, I will no longer be at the helm of the show and will no longer be the spokesperson for the Refuge des jeunes.

But the 32nd Shelter Show will take place this year on October 13th in Toho and will air on Radio Canada in December with our guests:

Jeanette Renaud

Guilin Tangway



Marie Nicole Lemieux

And of course, those who were there at the premiere, my old friends:

Isabelle Boulay

Lulu Hughes and

Los Duflot.

A big thank you to my ex-producer Jay Latravers. Without him, the show would likely be dead after the first two years. Thanks also to Fantastic France Beaudoin and her team, I’ll be bored. A big thank you to Radio Canada @ who has trusted us for 30 years. This is absolutely unprecedented and a special thank you. Without you, this show would never have existed.

Speaking of you, we need you again for our team this year. We want to see you in Toho.

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Thank you so much.