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His car parked on a pile of papers caught fire

His car parked on a pile of papers caught fire

A student from Montreal learned the hard way that it’s best to avoid standing on a pile of dead papers after her car caught fire in the middle of the street last night in Montreal.

Mi-Ann Lemieux had been with friends for dinner for less than an hour when the police called her because her car was on fire.

When she came out in a panic, she immediately saw the firefighters who were busy putting out the flames on avenue del Vecchio, in the Mercier Hochelaga Maisonneuve district.

“Then, the firefighters asked me if I had driven a lot before I parked. Their hypothesis is that something ignited the leaves and things got out of hand. Perhaps oil or gas leaked, or just heat from my car,” the 21-year-old explains.


Photo courtesy Mi-Ann Lemieux

In the photos she took after the sappers finished their intervention, we could see a pile of dead leaves under the front of her car. That’s the part that caught fire, reports Mei-Anne Lemieux.

She said her little black Mazda is now a complete loss.

According to our information, there is no criminal element.


Photo courtesy Mi-Ann Lemieux


In the US, fire departments have already issued warnings: “Paper is combustible, meaning it burns.” He wrote in English on Twitter the message from St. Louis, Missouri, accompanied by a picture of a burning car.

For her part, the university student tells her story in order to prevent other “trivial” fires of this kind.

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“I’ll still be a little scared,” says Mi-Ann Lemieux, who has promised herself to never immobilize her car due to a buildup of dead leaves again.