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Hide Visible In Status for Specific Contacts Coming Soon - La Nouvelle Tribune

Hide Visible In Status for Specific Contacts Coming Soon – La Nouvelle Tribune

The popular instant messaging app The WhatsApp He wants to provide more privacy options for his IOS users. In fact, the ownership dead It develops their ability to hide their “watched” status from specific contacts. Although the app has since addressed this feature, it is now rolling out to beta testers. Concretely, this functionality is available to version holders Beta from WhatsApp.

It allows you to hide your information from certain people

To activate it, the user must go to the application settings. After selecting the “Privacy” section, then “Watching”, it is now possible to choose between ” everyone “And “My Contacts”And “Nobody” and new “My contacts except…”. It also allows the user to hide his information from certain people. According to the explanations WABetaInfo : For example, you don’t need to set your status to ‘visible’ if you turn it off due to certain contacts: you can exclude them. As we explained in the changelog in the Android update, when you select contacts in ‘Visible’ > ‘My contacts exclude’, You won’t be able to see the “Visible” status, but this rule doesn’t apply. It doesn’t relate to you and your profile picture”.

Note that this WhatsApp feature comes a few days after Meta announced the arrival of another new feature to WhatsApp. On Thursday, April 14, the company shared its vision for the WhatsApp communities on the social network’s blog. This is already a major update to the app that will allow users to connect privately with family and friends, as well as participate in larger discussion groups called communities.

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