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Hexo shuts down three facilities and cuts 155 jobs

Hexo shuts down three facilities and cuts 155 jobs

Cannabis producer Hexo announced Tuesday the closure of three of its facilities, in Ontario and Nova Scotia, and the layoff of 155 workers in an effort to focus the company’s activities at its main facilities.

Thus, Hexo will close its Kirland Lake and Brantford facility in Ontario, included in the 48North acquisition, on January 31, 2022. The Sterllarton facility in Nova Scotia, included in the Zenabis acquisition, will close its doors months later, February 28.

“These facilities are not considered critical to HEXO’s integrated business,” the company wrote in a statement.

Hexo estimates that 155 employees will be affected by these closures, which are aimed at boosting the activities of growing, manufacturing and distributing its products at its main facilities.

“As part of the integration planning process, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of all HEXO facilities to assess their suitability, capacity and efficiency, and decided to focus activities at our flagship facilities,” said Scott Cooper, CEO of Hexo Corporation.

“Cette décision est essentielle à la réalisation de notre priorité immédiate, qui est de veiller à l’intégration des entreprises récemment acquises afin de stimuler la croissance et la rentabilité par la commercialisation de base produits de consommation courante de atna” guest .

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