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Here’s why CH keeps losing

The Montreal Canadiens, who have lost their last four games, and the Arizona Coyotes, who are on an eight-game winning streak (including two in overtime), are currently in a great midfield race.

The two teams, who are still four games into each other, look set to finish 27th or 28th.

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To the chagrin of coach Martin St. Louis, always driven by victories, the final run could make a huge impact in light of the upcoming replay. Currently, the Coyotes (27-38-13) are in 27th place with 67 points in the standings, one more than CH (30-42-6).

Choose from the top 5

Naturally, there is a lot of talk about Conor Bedard and the lottery surrounding the future first choice, but the current end of the season will also influence the selection of the top five or six prospects. Behind Bédard, the next vintage combines notably promising Adam Fantelli, Matvey Michkov, Leo Carlson, Will Smith, Zak Benson and Dalibor Dvorsky.

By finishing in the bottom five teams overall, the Canadian will be guaranteed a top seven pick. He would also have a 41.8% probability of being picked in the top five, compared to 15.4% for the 27th-placed club.

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To avoid headaches, here’s a summary of the percentages awarded to clubs that will finish 27th and 28th:

  • % of first choice
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28th: ​​8.5%

27: 7.5%

  • % of select among the top 2

28: 17.3%

27: 15.4%

  • % of the draft in the top five

28: 41.8%

27: 15.4%

  • % of the draft in the top 6

28th: ​​86%


  • % Select from the top 7

twenty-eighth: 100%

27: 90.9%

It must be admitted that the difference is huge, especially in obtaining the fifth or sixth option. This is why both the Canadiens and the Wolves have an interest in losing by the end of the regular season.

The Habs’ final four games are scheduled for April 13 against the Washington Capitals, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders and Boston Bruins. The Coyotes have two meetings with the Seattle Kraken, as well as with the Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks.

The next draft is not finished talking yet. Lottery date: May 8th.