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Here’s when Martin David Peters learns of the tragic fate of his character in Indefensible

Here’s when Martin David Peters learns of the tragic fate of his character in Indefensible

While LeGrand had a tragic fate when he returned from The Holidays in Indefensible, the actor who plays him, Martin David Peters, was well aware of what lay ahead for his character.

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In the world of television, and especially in everyday life, it often happens that actors expect their character to escape from the plot, sometimes in a tragic way.

This has been the case recently for a character Mr. Legrandwith an explanation Martin David Peters In the first season ofIt is indefensible.

However, the latter will have time to grieve, because he was informed from the very beginning of the series about the fate that awaits his character.

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This is indeed what he revealed in a video clip posted on the various social networks of the show.

When the director called me to talk to me about the character, he said, ‘Look, you’re doing the first season. Bye, I’m Legrand no more!’ He adds that despite his character’s short presence, he promised beautiful intense scenes to play.

Watch the full video here:

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In the comments below the post, we notice that many netizens stress how much they miss the character, despite her often foul play. Evidence that the actor presented his role well!

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