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Here's what to expect from the iPhone 14 series smartphones

Here’s what to expect from the iPhone 14 series smartphones

We are less than six months away from the launch of the iPhone 14. Mark Gorman, an expert from the popular newspaper Bloomberg, explained what to expect from the premiere, including information on basic functions and software innovations.

Beginning with the release of the iPhone 6 in 2014, Gurman said the company has moved into a three-year smartphone hardware upgrade cycle. In the first year, the company introduces a smartphone with a completely new look; In the second year, I kept almost the same design, the hardware was updated, and in the third year the design undergoes significant changes.

For example, the iPhone 12 was available in 2020 with a new design and new specifications; The design of the iPhone 13 has not changed much and major changes will appear in the iPhone 14. Although the flat edges and rounded corners are expected to continue in the new model, according to some reports, the iPhone 14 Pro series will have a new type of notch in the screen, and the camera modules will become The main one is larger to accommodate the new sensors.

Here’s what to expect from the iPhone 14 series smartphones

In particular, instead of the notches on the front face of the screen; A rectangular aperture will be used for the Face ID sensor, and a circular aperture will be used for the camera itself. This solution will be used until Apple learns to integrate all functions; In a compact unit in three to four years or start using bottom display systems. The changes will also affect the size of the displays. Apple statistics showed that Pro Max models are very popular; This is not the case with miniature models. Accordingly, the iPhone 14 series will include 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch smartphones, iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and 14 Pro Max, respectively. However, the iPhone 14 Max is expected to be $200 cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro Max; Which is almost guarantee that it will be more common.

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According to reports, an important key feature of the iPhone 14 Pro will be the new 48MP main camera sensor, while the regular iPhone 14 will only have a 12MP main sensor. In addition, Pro series models will receive the new Apple A16 chipset; While regular models will receive the current Apple A15. According to some reports, the possibility of supporting satellite communications in the new model was also considered; Maybe just to send messages to emergency services. Apple Watch 2023 is rumored to have similar features.

Finally, the WWDC Developer Event 2022 will be held in virtual format from June 6-10; The company intends to highlight a number of important software-related features.