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Here's what happened to Laguna Beach participants: The Hills

Here’s what happened to Laguna Beach participants: The Hills

Are you part of the generation Laguna Beach? If so, you’ve probably seen his popular collection, The hills, The closest we are! You might be curious or curious about the headlines of the reality TV show that has taken over the airwaves MTV Between May 2006 and July 2010, it became.

Or you might wonder if it was Lauren Conrad He finally bought himself some mascara waterproof? And the Heidi Monday Surrendered to plastic surgery again? Or if Kristin Cavallari And the Brody Jenner In the end it actually formed a couple or not? Do you Audrina Padrig Keep riding underground motorcycles with Handsome Justin Bobby And a leather coat? How about the bad big blonde, Spencer PrattAnd her annoying sister, Stephanie Pratt?

What is for sure is that The hills It stood out by the lot and we definitely miss those perfect participants! Although reality TV is back to life in 2019 with The Hills: New BeginningsWe feel nostalgic for the old seasons when it was drama A little bit of stupidity that endorsed him in the lives of these young people. Motivated by nostalgia (and as total fans), we wanted to see where these characters that marked the screen with their foldable phone and low-rise jeans went!

To see where your reality TV participants are now, pull below! We only have one little thing to add: The rest is still not written … »

Heidi Monday

Attribute to him: MTV / Getty Images

Heidi Montag is part of the cast The Hills: New Beginnings She is now the mother of little Gunner Stone Pratt. she She is still married to Spencer Pratt (Yeah, yeah), but she still isn’t tied for getting around ten Cosmetic surgery in the same day.

Spencer Pratt

Attribute to him: MTV / Getty Images

Dad, Heidi Montag’s husband and entrepreneur Pratt dad (Crystal Healing Company), Spencer Pratt is still as fun as he hates in 2021 as he was in 2006! We can see it on The hills : A new beginning, Also.

Stephanie Pratt

Attribute to him: MTV / Getty Images

Uh! Stephanie … the sister of Spencer Pratt is an author and she was also part of the cast of the hugely popular English reality show. Made in Chelsea. She also returned to Los Angeles to be part of the cast The Hills: New BeginningsBut everything turned so sad that she quit and won’t be in Season 2. We are not complaining!

Port Whitney IV

Attribute to him: MTV / Getty Images

In addition to being part of the cast The Hills: New BeginningsA mother and entrepreneur, Whitney is hosting her podcast. But no, you will not greet the other side of The hillsAnd the City.

Brody Jenner

Attribute to him: MTV / Getty Images

As relationships build up, the handsome Brody is now divorced and we’ll also be seeing details of that break in Season 2 of The Hills: New Beginnings, From May 12th. We wonder if Caitlyn Jenner will make an appearance in Season 2.

Audrina Padrig

Attribute to him: MTV / Getty Images

Today, Audrina is part of the cast The Hills: New BeginningsShe is an entrepreneur, divorced and mother of a little girl. And no, you no longer ride the back of Justin Bobby’s motorcycle.

Justin Bobby

Attribute to him: MTV / Getty Images

This naughty boy Kind-hearted (we know it’s cheesy to call it that way, but what other terms should we use in the case of Justin Bobby? The mysterious rock star who rides a motorcycle?) Is still making music and it’s also part of the mix The hills : A new beginning.

Kristin Cavallari

Attribute to him: MTV / Getty Images

Kristin Cavallari is the CEO of Uncomun James, as well as being Mother of three children. The pretty blonde is about to divorce her ex-partner, Jay Cutler. Kristen will make a surprising appearance in the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings. Yes Yes, “ Bitch is baaaaack! »

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Psst: For lovers The hillsThere is a first season of The Hills: New Beginnings Which is available on Badly wantedWhile the second season will be released on May 12!