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Here's the fish that makes your belly fat

Here’s the fish that makes your belly fat

It’s hard to find your way between good and bad fats, fish that make you lose weight and those that make you fat, and the best high-speed thawing cooking that should be avoided at all costs… and when you think you’re doing the right thing, we realize, making an appointment with a nutritionist later, that we We’re totally on the wrong track and that slimming fish we eat every lunchtime hoping for a skinny silhouette is actually fake slimming friend Which makes us gain belly fat. Yep, awesome, royal at the bar. So how do we do in this story to keep the sulfuric S silhouette line and not make those horrible cooking mistakes that can be downright fatal on our can? We tell you all about these 6 fish that make you gain belly fat, but not only!

Fish that is rich in calories but should not be banned from our diet either

Salmon, tuna, sardines… These fish have been our daily food since our childhood and when we think that eating fish is a dietary gesture to lose weight, well, we are wrong! These six fish are among the richest and most caloric fish and encourage the formation of a cursed fish belly fat. In fact, these fish do not have to be permanently erased from your slimming routine as they provide a vital contribution in terms of vitamins and energy to our body and immune system.

According to nutritionist Sabrina Francecon : ” Regular consumption of oily fish rich in omega-3 reduces cardiovascular problems. Moreover, these fatty acids play a major role in visual and cerebral functions. » If we erase it completely, we have temporary energy drops and viruses that can weaken us, but if we consume too much, welcome to the not-so-impressive pack at all.

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It’s all about moderation. We consume once or twice a week, no more. We avoid cooking with butter or oil and stay away from the extremely rich Japanese cuisine that makes our stomachs swell.

We prefer steam cooking without adding fat and with slimming and gourmet facilities: mashed sweet potatoes, Coral Lentil SaladPea cream…