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Here's the character you must master to crush your opponents

Here’s the character you must master to crush your opponents

Find out which character you can totally master multiverse If you want to make a splash and rise in the rankings.

The massive success of Multiversus

Just released, you’ll likely hear about him constantly MultiVersus All summer. The fighting game published by Warner Bros. has been available in open beta since July 26, and it is causing quite a stir among gamers. With the winning combo between the formula free to playFrom The gameplay is largely inspired by Smash Bros.then his iconic pop culture characters, MultiVersus Already accumulating 150,000 concurrent players on Steam alone in 24 hours.

If you want to crush your opponents, or show off during an evening with friends, it’s time to see what the best players in the world are playing. The conclusion is clear, Here’s the character you absolutely must master If you want to make a splash and rise in the rankings.

Bugs Bunny, the primary choice in 2v2

At the moment, The strongest character is definitely Bugs Bunny. The Gray Rabbit ranks higher than Superman or Shaggy Ultra Instinct. It must be said that the combination of melee and distance makes Bugs Bunny a favorite ally in 2v2. Moreover, according to the rating of MultiVersus teams (2v2), the best PC player in the world, named KoboldHeart, has accumulated 2700 MMR Thanks to a lot of wins like Bugs Bunny.

However, is it effective in 1v1? Yes and no because the classification is not one-sided. recognized, Bugs Bunny is still in the leadespecially thanks to the computer player called mirrorman, but this top ten also includes Batman per second place as well as two Superman. The popularity of the latter in 1v1 can be explained by the fact that it is easier to exploit his possession when there is no second enemy to interrupt it.

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