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Here's how to tell if your sluggish metabolism hurts weight loss

Here’s how to tell if your sluggish metabolism hurts weight loss

No matter how hard you try, you can’t make the pounds disappear on the scale? What if the cause has something to do with your metabolism?

When we are trying to lose weight, we often look for the smallest trick that can help us shed extra pounds. If there is still the simplest way to adopt nutritional rebalancing to restore a healthy lifestyle, With a good diet and exercise, it may not be enough. In fact, we know that in order to lose weight, it is necessary Our metabolism is at its best. corn How do you know when someone is tired ? Well, we reveal to you againstHow do you know that your metabolism is slowing downto re-enhance it better and Get the desired results.

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What is slowed metabolism?

If we know that our metabolism plays a major role in losing weight, we don’t always know its effect when it is at its lowest. No, it does not make us gain weight, but on the other hand it slows down our progress. A slow metabolism is often associated with a low amount of energy that the body uses for all of its functions. Suddenly, won’t burn Too many calories It is usual, and can sometimes, depending on our lifestyle, store more. That is why it is necessary to pamper him. What’s funny, without really being the case, is that the faster we lose weight, the slower our metabolism will slow down. He would not need to use the same amount of energy as before, thus he would slack off. The problem is The faster you lose, the faster you are likely to recover.

How do you know that our metabolism is slow

There are some indicators that can alert you to a slowing down of your metabolism. For example, a Chronic fatigue. When it’s slow, we feel more tired than usual, and feel a lack of energy without changing our habits. If we proceed to Weight lossthen we will notice that this take longer despite our efforts. What else can alert us The coldness of our extermination. The colder your hands and feet, the slower your metabolism, because your body will not be able to warm your body. Because your body will not have enough energy, Your hair can also be affected, It is more fragile than usual. The same for Our nails can become brittleand us The skin may experience unusual dryness. If you notice any Frequent cravings for sugaror appearance MigraineThey should not be neglected. These symptoms may tell you that your metabolism is a little slower than usual. Finally, the last reason is that you have over sixty. In fact, the older we get, the less reactive our metabolism becomes. Anyway, if you feel the symptoms persist, they are Recommended to see your doctor to tell him about it.


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