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Xbox Series X

Here’s how to recover space on the SSD for Xbox Series X | S.

Available since November 2020, the new Xbox consoles (like the PS5) are obviously a solid force, but they’re low on storage…it displays only 362 GB. Thus, the limited storage space, the increasingly greedy games, which take up more and more space on the SSD …

Xbox Series X | S: Storage tip

Unless they choose the official Seagate memory card for Xbox, or connect an external hard drive to the USB port of the new Xbox, the player will have no choice but to match the games installed on their device. Thus, it is not uncommon to have to remove a particular game that is very large, in order to be able to install a modern one, for example the new Flight Simulator, which alone vampires more than 100 GB on an SSD. .

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However, some users have noticed that sometimes the Xbox tends to install duplicate game, which is obviously a waste of precious storage. Those who have an external hard drive connected by USB to their Xbox can install the same game both on the SSD and on the external hard drive.

There are several reasons for this, starting from the error when downloading the game, where the Xbox is responsible for downloading the game both on the internal SSD and on the external hard drive. Similarly, when upgrading an Xbox One game to the Xbox Series version, it is possible that both versions of the game in question will be in the console’s memory. In this specific case, we should consider removing the Xbox One version.

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So we highly recommend that you go to your Xbox console settings, and check the section storage, to see if the game is not duplicate installed on your console, which removal may immediately allow you to get your precious Go back.

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