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iPad Pro M1 12,9''

Here’s how iPadOS 15 will unleash the potential of the iPad Pro M1

In April, during the Spring Loaded event, Apple pleasantly surprised its fans by presenting the new iPad Pro. These retain the 11-inch and 12.9-inch shapes, but under the hood the Cupertino company has made significant improvements.

While the iPad Pro 2020 uses an upgraded version of the iPhone processor, Those for 2021 use the M1 chip, Same chip as new Macs. In essence, the new iPad Pros are almost MacBooks.

However, some users of these new products were disappointed, because, despite the power of these new devices, nothing has changed regarding the capabilities of resource-intensive applications.

In the tweet below, for example, the user is complaining. By purchasing an iPad M1 with 16GB of RAM, expect the Procreate app to unlock new possibilities. But the developer of this application responded that despite the arrival of these models, the RAM available to developers has not changed.

“Currently, all iPad M1s have the same amount of RAM available. As soon as we have access to more, we will send it to you as well »The developer said.

IPad app developers will be able to request access to more resources to improve their products

The good news is that Apple will start giving more memory to developers of certain apps, allowing them to improve their functionality. In fact, as reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has created a new “right” to grant access to more resources for apps. As a reminder, entitlements are privileges or special access that Apple can grant to specific app developers.

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So from now on, developers can request this access to more memory on compatible iPads. And if the permission is granted, it will lead to better apps. For example, in the case of Procreate, this might allow the developer to raise the maximum number of layers.

At the moment, we don’t know which apps will take advantage of this privilege. But in any case, thanks to him, iPad Pro M1 users with maximum RAM should be able to take full advantage of it on applications that have access to more memory. And the iPad Pro should position itself more as a competitor to laptops, to work remotely.

As a reminder, remote work has boosted tablet sales in 2020. And this year, even if a return to face-to-face work is made possible by vaccination, many companies will adopt a hybrid model that mixes home and face-to-face work. As one Gartner publication points out, cIt will boost sales of tablets and PCs in 2021.