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Here is who will succeed Pierre Bruno in the new TVA channel

Here is who will succeed Pierre Bruno in the new TVA channel

after an announcement Pierre Bruno’s retirementWe know that Sophie Tybalt will be the new head of my antenna VAT newsFrom 5 pm until 6 pm.

I have held the position of 22h antenna head for 20 years.

With that, Pierre-Olivier Zappa will take command at 10 p.m.

Pierre Bruno presented his decision to withdraw as follows: Closing the end of a chapter is always destabilizing, even if beautiful things lie ahead. It has been a true honor for me to hold this seat for so many years and to have a special relationship with the audience. I have had the opportunity to accompany the people of Quebec during key moments in the news from here and elsewhere. “I am sincerely grateful to the viewers for their loyalty as well as to my colleagues for their support and excellent work,” said Pierre Bruno. “The transition into this new phase of my life will be smooth because I will be back this fall during the regional campaign trail. “.

For her part, Sophie Thibault confirmed that she has worked for 20 years as a news anchor and 34 years of working for TVA recently, saying: My fellow witches have played behind my back this week…and given this moment of confined emotions! You know what it is, when you don’t know how to receive … the nourishing, but, brother, almost too much!

Thank you, dear Colette Provencher, for your complicity over the past 30 years! I love you!

Thanks to Emmanuelle Latraverse for the “review” that went straight to my heart!

And thank you to whoever worked so hard to collect the photos and design this montage gem: Natalie Korevo,

Sebastian Ferland and Sylvain Thibault.

I have a great privilege to work, for 34 years in TVA, with very friendly professionals.

And I’m lucky to have you, #TVA22h followers for 20 years, my seat, my base. thank you for your love. »

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Watch the video prepared in his honor below.