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Here is who will replace Isabelle Maréchal on 98.5 FM

Here is who will replace Isabelle Maréchal on 98.5 FM

A little more than a month after the announcement of the departure of Isabel Marechal from Amouage 98.5 FM, Cogeco has confirmed that she is former Liberal MP Natalie Normando Who will receive orders in the time period from 10 am to noon, from Monday to Friday.

Display Isabelle So it will be replaced by Normando influence, which is described as “a great forum to influence, in a friendly tone, the issues of the times “,” Starting August 16.

Natalie Normando joined Team 98.5 FM last December and has a special mandate to support Luc Ferrandez in this sector Normando Ferrandez CommissionIt was presented as part of the show Since you have to wake up.

The main interested party had also replaced Bernard Drenville in the animation for Drainville PM, during the holidays.

Note that the appointment of Nathalie Normandeau does not change plans with respect to The Commission, who will also return this fall on The Paul Arcand Show.

« I can’t help but rejoice at the lovely years we spent together discussing, exchanging, and debating while enriching the guests. […] I go with my head held high. And for that, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because these moments are dear to my heart, I owe them to you “,” Isabel Marechal announced when she announced her departure on May 6.

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