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Here is the character that Jean-Michel Antille will play in District 31

Here is the character that Jean-Michel Antille will play in District 31

Last week, we learned thatComedian Jean-Michel Antille will soon be joining the cast of District 31.

He himself confirmed this information by sharing a photo of the group on his social networks.

Here we learn more about the role he will play, through an interview with 7 days.

« I was in such a hurry, because Luc Dion, a golf friend, had been telling me for a while that he might have a thing for me. He doesn’t talk through his hat when he tells you he’s thinking of you for a project ‘ he explains right away.

He continues, about his character, a 31-year-old retired detective, remembering about an investigation that could have been a failure at the time: Detective Boyle conducted a case in a strange way and it turned out. They will investigate a failed investigation. He’s not a comedian, he knows he made a mistake. will make a difference. »

If he knows the author Luc Dionne well, Jean-Michel Anctil knows he gets to a position where the actors are very united: ” I understand I’m going to have a family, but after I met people who filmed the episodes, I was told we were well received. To have a chance to take part in this beautiful project, I am really very happy. »

We can’t wait to find out in this context.

We recall that Area 31 has been hit by another tragedy last week. Viewers note Many contradictions in this important sceneWe go there with all their theories on the subject.

Watch the trailer for Monday’s episode below.