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Here is the Canadians’ 2026-27 roster if the club drafts Matvey Michkov

During the recent NHL lottery, the Montreal Canadiens tried to get their hands on the phenomenon Conor Bedard By getting the first overall pick of the 2023 draft.

Unfortunately, it’s the Chicago Blackhawks that get Bedard and the Habs will pick fifth overall.

Recently, the Columbus Blue Jackets general manager confirmed that they would draft a player who would play center field, suggesting he would be between Leo Carlson And will Smith.

Considering that the first choice would be Conor Bedard and the second would be Adam Fantilliso we can believe it Matvey Michkov It will likely be available at No. 5 unless it is picked up by the Sharks at No. 4.

The right winger is very talented, but his future is still unclear as he can stay in Russia for a few years.

Today, I’m giving you a rundown of what a Canadiens roster could look like if you went in there with only two players who are currently in the organization. I don’t want, for example, to add a file Pierre Luc Dubois Even if there is a possibility that he will come to Montreal by then.

as i believe, Josh Anderson It will be traded by 2026-27 and Jordan Harris also. There will be tough choices to be made among the aspirants, especially with Philip MessarAnd Vincennes RohrerAnd Ty Smelanik And Xavier Simon.

By 2026, I hope, the disease will run out George Slavkowski And I put Emile Heinemann On the fourth line, but he has the talent for a more important role.

Here’s my projection of the 2026-27 Habs roster:

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freight forwarders

Cole Cofield – Kirby Dash – George Slavkowski

Matvey Michkov – Nick Suzuki – Joshua Roy

Raphael Harvey Benard – Owen Beck – Sean Farrell

Emile Heinemann – Jean Misac – Brendan Gallagher

The Defenders

Mike Matheson – Arber Xhekaj

Kaiden Guhle – Logan Milo

Lynn Hutson – Justin Barron


Samuel Montembolt

Jacob Dobbs

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