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Here is the amazing new post of Cladine Desrochers

Here is the amazing new post of Cladine Desrochers

during his visit to the towerIn Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc’s apartment, former animator Clodine Desrochers reveals that she has been pursuing a brand new profession for some years.

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In fact, during a fascinating conversation about her career as an animator, the woman will star in the next movie by Philip Cormier She revealed that she completely changed careers.

” after Simply ClaudineI am mobile What a storyto Canada Radio […] Then there it was discovery area with John Apollo […] It only lasted one season…”, she told Helen.

Screenshot of the tower.

“But that, when it ended, after 125 one-hour shows, had to come back. Finally, it took eight months before she knew she wasn’t coming back,” she admitted.

“You block everything during that period. Then there, you are there, then you wait, then you call […] I told myself “No”! […] It’s very difficult…,” she explained, talking about her schedule, allowing us to imagine she may have turned down some projects considering returning to animation on the show. discovery area.

Screenshot of the tower.

Claudine Desrochers must have taken some time to think seriously about her future, looking for something more stable. She even revealed that she considered going to teach history, but her boyfriend suggested something else. Something that focuses squarely on her great passion for science and medicine.

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“I am currently working in Laboratories Peronne, as District Manager, Commercial Development, all over Quebec,” she announced to Helene Bourgeois-Leclerc who couldn’t help but be surprised.

Screenshot of the tower.

The former flight attendant is proud to be an actress in the medical field, but admitted that she found it complicated at first, as people got to know her.

Watch the excerpt below:

Now she looks completely satisfied and we are so happy for her.

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