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Here are the two most hypocritical signs of the zodiac

Here are the two most hypocritical signs of the zodiac

In this world, one thing is for sure, there are honest people and less so. We all have a friend we doubt hypocrisy…but if that friend was, in fact, you?

Hypocrisy is faking an emotion or reaction that you don’t really feel in order to make the other person believe that what you want them to think is happening to you in front of them. It’s pure and glamorous manipulation! So much so that we were all hypocrites once in life, and sometimes even with good intentions, this situation is despicable, because it hides the truth from the opposite person, who is deceived by the situation.

Astro: Can astrology explain hypocrisy in man?

Astrology states that this position is the reason for the lack of Wafaa and righteousness. A person would like to hide his true feelings in order to get more opportunities and opportunities for a premeditated reason.

air element, the most volatile and changeable of all, can give the natives he controls an unfortunate tendency to hypocrisy. Their spirits are sometimes changeable and their tendency to change their mind makes them hard to believe. Their great intelligence and mastery of mind make them clever tricksters.

What are the most hypocritical and least trustworthy signs among the zodiac?

They are two and know very well how to hide their true feelings for others!


Gemini is a clever and cunning deceiver. Citizens of this sign often have two sides. This comes from the inherent duality and determinism. They know very well how to use their ability to communicate, which makes them able to persuade very easily with their own words, even the most erroneous ones! Their ruling planet has this deceptive side, and people belonging to this sign are often affected by this dubious trait. Watch out, because while these friendly natives can be great companions, they always have an ulterior motive. The Twins Love to gossip, avoid catharsis in front of them!

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Here we have an example of hypocrisy for pleasure. This sign needs harmony and constantly rounded corners. You imagine that if the truth is sometimes ugly and embarrassing, they will avoid it at all costs. They will try to hide their feelings to make you think all is well, but beware, often not! They may also pretend to sympathize with someone to avoid conflict. Venus, their ruling planet is always in search of balance, and this leads them to avoid unpleasant situations. Not really pretty!

Avoid pretending…

Hypocrisy is far from a virtue, because it hides facts and creates false and fragile bonds. The truth will always win in the end. Stay on the path of integrity and you will be more happy !

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