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Here are the top 5 calorie-dense vegetables

Here are the top 5 calorie-dense vegetables


  • In France, the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is estimated at 350 grams per person per day, which is less than the recommended 400 grams.
  • 68% of the French believe that switching to a vegetarian diet would be beneficial for their health.

Vegetables are naturally on the plate on sunny days and thanks to their content of nutrients, minerals, fibers and vitamins that are good for health, they are the stars of summer for good reason!

However, we sometimes ignore that some vegetables can be particularly high in calories, especially if they’ve been smeared with oil, butter, or mayonnaise.


First, the avocado: It is a fruit, but it is eaten like a vegetable. Avocados are greasy and calories (150-200 per half an avocado, over 300 calories per avocado) but they especially contain vitamin C that is perfect for the immune system, fiber for the upper crossover and vitamins B9 that allow cells to renew themselves.

In addition, it is a source of “good fat” monounsaturated fatty acids that fight bad cholesterol. Avocado consumption is also beneficial for fighting cardiovascular diseases, for example.

To take advantage of its benefits, it is best to avoid adding salt, oil or mayonnaise which will increase your calorie count.


Next comes canned corn which still has 103 calories. However, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, and also contains many antioxidants.

If it is appreciated in mixed salads or in barbecue, it is best to avoid associating it with starchy foods such as bread or potatoes.


Peas also contain calories (87 calories per 100 grams) but the protein intake (5.83 per 100 grams) is much higher than the average amount of raw vegetables (1.87 grams per 100 grams) allowing you to feel full.

It is also an excellent source of fiber and has a low fat content, so it is easy to digest.


Then comes the artichokes, which have just 43 calories per 100 grams, but are often accompanied by a game-changing vinaigrette. It has many benefits: it is rich in B vitamins, fiber and low in fat.


With 43 calories per 100 grams, there is also beetroot which is known for the sugar it contains but also because it helps fight some cardiovascular diseases.

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