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Here are the most popular first names in Quebec in 2021

Here are the most popular first names in Quebec in 2021

First name Emma returned to the number one position among the most popular first names in Quebec in 2021, sharing the place with first name Noah who reached the top of the rankings for the first time.

Consequently, the two favorites of the past two years, Olivia William, have slipped to find themselves in second and fifth place respectively in the rankings of female and male first names.

After ten years at the top of the list, the first name Léa is now less popular, taking eighth place, according to Retraite Québec, which has been making this first name list for several years.

On the boys’ side, the popular first name William remains in second place. Over the past 20 years, first name William has undoubtedly been the most popular in Quebec, topping the charts for 14 years and being number two.And Rank six times,” it was determined.

First names Zoé and Félix for their part carved out a place in the top ten, removing Clara and Logan from the list.

Data is collected annually to administer the family allowance.

Most popular female names

  • whatever
  • Olivia
  • Alice
  • Florence
  • Charlie
  • livia
  • Charlotte
  • ya
  • rummy
  • zoe

Most popular male names

  • Noah
  • William
  • Thomas
  • Leo
  • sword
  • Yacoub
  • Nathan
  • Arthur
  • Edward
  • Felix

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