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Here are the eating habits to follow to get 10 years of a life expectancy according to science

Here are the eating habits to follow to get 10 years of a life expectancy according to science

According to a study published by a group of Norwegian researchers from the University of Bergen in the journal Plus MedicineAnd Certain foods will greatly increase your longevity. Conversely, excessive consumption of refined sugars, fats, and processed products can lead to long-term health problems. To conduct this study, the researchers relied on the results of the study Global burden of disease. Each year it analyzes the causes of diseases in China, Europe and the United States. It is estimated that malnutrition is the cause of more than 11 million premature deaths each year. Then they swapped their numbers with other analyzes in order to study the effect of several foods on our longevity. With this, the researchers were able to identify “Optimal Diet” For adoption from age 20 which may give you up to 10 years of additional life.

Eating a healthy diet to extend your life expectancy

To do this, you must eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Made with peas, lentils, soy, whole grains, corn, oats and wheat. You should also incorporate nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. It all relates to reducing consumption of red meat and processed products. According to scientists, the simple fact of eating about 2000 grams of legumes and reducing the consumption of too salty or sweet products will already save two years of life expectancy. But let’s agree. It is very difficult to maintain this type of diet strictly. Sometimes we can end up giving up. If so, don’t panic! Above all, don’t feel guilty. Reasonable consumption suffices.

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