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Here are the deadlines for sending out your parcel in time for Christmas

Here are the deadlines for sending out your parcel in time for Christmas

There are eleven days until Christmas, but there is little time to send out parcels to get them in time for December 25th.

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Below are the deadlines for sending packages via Canada Post in Quebec, Canada and abroad.

Domestic shipments can be made by Standard Package until December 20th.

For the parcel sent to another area of ​​the county, the deadline for sending by standard parcel is December 15th. On the other hand, Xpressport Priority Mail shipments must be sent by December 21.

It’s already too late to send standard packages to another Canadian province because the deadline was December 9. However, priority shipments can be made until December 21 and packages sent by Xpresspost can be mailed until December 20.

The deadline for trackable packages, small packages, and urgent packages to the United States has already passed.

Xpresspost shipments must be made before December 16 and priority packages can be sent until December 21.

Parcels sent abroad should be sent in order of priority to be received in time for Christmas.

However, the deadline for parcels destined for Africa and the Middle East has passed.

Ships to Asia, Australia, China, India, Japan and New Zealand by December 15th.

Those sent to Central America, South America, West Indies, Europe, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom must be sent before December 16.

To be received before Christmas, cards must be sent before December 21 for local mail, December 20 for regional mail and December 17 elsewhere in Canada.

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Since the deadlines for sending cards abroad have already passed, it’s too late to send your Christmas cards internationally.

The dates provided by Canada Post are indicative and the Postal Service cannot guarantee that packages will be delivered on time.