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Here are the 3 most dissatisfied zodiac signs

Here are the 3 most dissatisfied zodiac signs

Resentment is a very unpleasant feeling to live with and it destroys the lives of so many people. These feelings prevent them from moving forward and moving forward.

We do not choose to hold a grudge. Surely, people with this personality trait often spend very uncomfortableAnd their entourage, too!

This ability to remember bad things helps us not let go of actions that have hurt us in the past. But there are people and zodiac signs who make holding grudges a habit. Do you want to get to know them?

Astro: Are astrology and grudges related?

Some planets tend to be more resentful than others. Depending on their influence, the signs under their control will likely have a hard time passing the towel over the bad deeds of others.

the sun, the moon And Pluto are the three planets that have this pesky habit in their stellar DNA. While each of his signs holds a grudge for different reasons, the truth is that they share this common trait.

What are the most resentful signs of the zodiac?

Here are the top 3 signs you should be wary of and think carefully about what you say so you don’t see them again!


The sign of Cancer is the undisputed Olympic champion of the hatchet. These sensitive souls (sometimes too often) have an incredible knack for never being forgotten. The memory of the crab is well known in the zodiac. Their dominant star, the moon, directs everything related to the past and childhood. Emotions are also his domain, and you imagine that with a lot of feeling they remember everything, the good and the bad.

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The scorpion

Scorpios are people who love secrecy. They love to know everything about others, but they rarely participate in their intimate relationship. The ruling plant of this sign, Pluto, is the darkest and most mysterious of the constellations. Scorpios will always have hidden reasons for acting, and the poor one who tries to discover them or interfere in his life, because an angry Scorpio can go on for a very long time.


The sign of Leo is one of the proudest zodiacs. Criticizing him or not recognizing his property rights are undoubtedly major crimes for these indigenous peoples. Their ruling planet, the Sun is the brightest star and the heart of the galaxy. It is only natural that their inflated vanity would be offended if a poor servant forgot to kneel. You can be sure that they will send royal indignation against this recklessness. Normal what?

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