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Here are 9 ways to stop trying to please people at any cost

Here are 9 ways to stop trying to please people at any cost

A psychologist revealed nine ways to stop people-pleasing at all costs.

Birmingham-based licensed psychologist Dr. Lalita Suglani took to her Instagram account, where she has more than 125,000 followers, to share information on the subject in an article.

The psychiatrist attached her letter with a long comment in which she explained how this ordeal appears.

She also spoke about her own journey, describing how she moved away from these toxic behaviors.

It’s important for people who want to please at any cost, Dr. Lalita explained, “to have a safe space to explore the layers of these behaviors so they can break free from them.”

It describes eight behaviors that may seem cute, but can actually be linked to toxic behaviors.

here they are :

They have a tendency to apologize too much and find it difficult to say no

Not speaking up when your feelings are hurt

Change to better accommodate others

Be there for everyone but yourself

Feeling uncomfortable in the face of conflict

Take responsibility for the feelings of others

Finally, she said that constantly seeking external approval may be a sign that you are constantly seeking the approval of others.

After identifying these behaviors, the psychologist will describe what you can do to combat them.

His list of nine ways to stop people-pleasing begins by suggesting that you prioritize yourself before others:

Set boundaries

Practice self-awareness

Celebrate authenticity

Next on her list is engaging in self-discovery, and the psychologist advises readers to explore their interests and passions to develop a stronger sense of self.

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She concluded by saying, “You deserve to feel good about yourself, and not earn your worth by what other people think of you.”