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Her haircut is totally messed up

Her haircut is totally messed up

Hell fail…

Besides her talents as a singer, dancer or actresssomething too become a beauty queen Its manifestations turn hearts. Whether it’s sexy costumes, or other very elegant and extremely well-dressed outfits, The artist often causes such a stir that he becomes inspiring For promotional campaigns of many brands. If we add to this that she has always had a simple and accessible side, we understand why she is one of my favorite French singers.

But even when you’re a beauty icon, you might totally miss each other. This is exactly what happened to him something who wanted to share this huge failure with his fans, much to their dismay. In a story posted on her Instagram account, we found the singer with her A new haircut, which turns out to be a small hair disaster. We don’t know exactly what the initial project was, but it says in the image caption: “No, but this cup will never go away”with a tired expression.

In fact, it won’t happen at all, we assure, and even when she tries to do her hair again, it doesn’t improve the situation. But hey, as our grandparents said, “Never mind, it grows again!”. we wish something They will find the solution quickly, are the ones that have I’ve always tried a lot of innovative hairstyles with success. But in the meantime, we’ll have to find a way to hide it all!

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