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Hepatitis A in college: four students hospitalized in Le Havre

Hepatitis A in college: four students hospitalized in Le Havre

Four university students with hepatitis A infection have been hospitalized with hepatitis A in Le Havre, according to media reports in Paris-Normandie. The Normandy Regional Health Agency has launched an epidemiological investigation.

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All four teenagers are students at the private Montesquieu College in Le Havre.
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Epidemic ofHepatitis A Is it scary in Le Havre? On Saturday, May 25, the media revealed that four 12-year-old sixth-grade students, all of whom were educated at the private Montesquieu institution, had been infected with the hepatitis A virus (HAV). Paris Normandy. All four were hospitalized over the weekend at Jacques Monnot Hospital in Montvillier. to'Regional Health Agency of Normandy ARS has launched an epidemiological investigation into this institution.

What are the symptoms of hepatitis A?

This is amazing Infectious diseases Manifested through FeverDiscomfort, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, nausea or even loss of appetite and Jaundice (jaundice). The virus is transmitted through contact with contaminated objects or foods, and is particularly found in the feces of infected people.

“Hepatitis A is an immunization: once you've had hepatitis A, you can't get it again.” Confirmshealth insurance. It is usually a benign infection that resolves on its own without treatment. However, in some rare cases this can lead to hospitalization, especially if the patient has previously had an illness Liver. This virus “Permit required” To the authorities, this means that any case of hepatitis A must be reported to the authorities Health and security monitoring platform ARS Normandy.

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Strengthen hygiene measures

After receiving several reports, the relevant college decided to strengthen security measureshealth On the advice of ARS. The latter also launched an epidemiological investigation in conjunction with Public health France To track down other possible cases of contamination with hepatitis C compounds.

In a letter to parents of students, the Resettlement Service provided some hygiene tips that should be adopted to reduce the risk of contamination. In particular, the agency reminds adolescents and their families of the importance of cleaning hands After using the toilet, before eating, and before cooking.”. ARS also calls on students to quickly consult a doctor if they have symptoms that suggest hepatitis A.

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