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Henry's Closes Lozeau Store Without Notifying Its Employees

Henry’s Closes Lozeau Store Without Notifying Its Employees

Photographic equipment store Lozeau closes its doors after 95 years of service. This Saint-Hubert Street column was purchased in 2019 by Canadian chain Henry’s, which, in 2020, itself had to take cover from its creditors. “It is with a sad heart that we announce that our Lozeau store will be permanently closed on June 28, 2022,” can we read on the company’s website.

Selon Lise Lozeau, l’ancienne proprietaire du commerce, qui demeure propriétaire de l’immeuble, la compagnie a vidé le magasin durant la nuit de lundi à mardi sans en avertir ni le proprietaire ni employ sesés, heurté se sons à close portes quis sons Tuesday morning. M says.I Lozo. Keen to terminate the lease, Henry’s representatives authorized an attorney to do so.

In 2019, Henry’s indicated her desire to open a branch in Quebec and continue selling photographic equipment there. “It was a family store like ours,” says Liz Lozo. On the company’s websiteThe company claims to have been affected by the pandemic, long Saint-Hubert Street business and global supply problems.

In addition, many netizens on social networks testified to the decline in service quality at Lozeau after the sale to Henry’s. Deplores the absence of services in French on the site and the dismissal of former employees at the time of the transfer.

“There are three or four left,” Liz Lozo says, adding that other former employees have moved on to competitors.

According to her, despite technological changes, “there will always be photographers and enthusiasts who will continue to buy real cameras,” instead of taking pictures with their phones.

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Shop Lozeau was founded in 1927 by Léo Lozeau, Lise’s father, who photographed weddings privately. The business remained in the family until 2019.

“It’s hard to explain how I feel…they’re closing down after 95 years. Liz Lozo’s daughter, Manon Lozo Simard, wrote on her Facebook page.

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