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Helen Florent screams for truth in Vincent Vallier's new music video

Helen Florent screams for truth in Vincent Vallier’s new music video

Actress Helen Florent accurately and subtly embodies a woman steeped in her life in the new music video for singer-songwriter Vincent Vallier.

Title She can no longer hear her heartbeatThe track containing lyrics that particularly resonate in these difficult times is taken from the album Not all beauty is lost, album of the year – perform at the latest ADISQ concert.

Music video, meticulously directed by Jean Leblanc (We are ranked fifth), clearly following a woman at a crossroads, as she no longer finds meaning in what constitutes her daily life. In the office, at the grocery store, at home, you carry that inner malaise and doubt wherever you go.

This piece is meant to be “a tribute to all those women who struggle in their daily lives: blonde, mother, housewife, businesswoman. These warriors who watch everything and sometimes collapse under the window,” explains the singer, who can be seen as a neighbor singing looking at the woman from the window. the brunt of this heavy mental burden.”

The silver lining is finally found, when the main character finally smiles when she encounters a man (we believe a singer) who turns around to actually look at her.

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