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Heidi Klum dares the most controversial shoes of summer on the streets of Los Angeles...and we love it!

Heidi Klum dares the most controversial shoes of summer on the streets of Los Angeles…and we love it!

Once upon a time there was a ray of sunshine on the streets of Los Angeles.

Heidi Klum Spotted on the streets of Los Angeles we are far from the elegant simplicity of Angelina Jolie. They are all dressed in green, The 48-year-old model dares to wear a lime green jumpsuit which are related to ifCrisp colored in the same color. And be warned, nothing was left out because even his drink is green (definitely an iced tea, we couldn’t check it out). But if we talk to you about this outfit, it’s mainly due to her choice of shoes, A pair of Crocs

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Today’s look: Heidi Klum dares the Crocs catwalk on the streets of Los Angeles

Well, you will tell us that with the number of celebrities who wear it, you do not have to write an article about it every time. But this isn’t just a pair of Crocs. These are different. From yellow canary crocodile with platform We don’t see them every day! And if it ends there…even Heidi Klum wanted to pimp for him ugly shoes With Decorative jewelry stuck in the ventilation holes. If that ain’t stylish! And strangely enough, the more we look at these photos, the more we love this bright outfit from Heidi Klum. We’re about to post this look at #CrushMode atInstagram de Grace


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