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Heatwave kills US production capacity

Heatwave kills US production capacity

The continuous heat wave across the Atlantic affects the status of spring wheat crops, which in turn affects volume estimates and hence global prices.

The thermostat has repeatedly exceeded 40 C in the United States in recent days. (© Pixabe)LCultures in North America have been affected by very hot and dry weather in recent days, and it appears that this will last for some time to come. “Overview of high temperatures already maintains and emphasizes the most degraded condition of spring wheat crops Fears of low production levels 2, warn Acridel this morning.

United States Department of Agriculture, TheUSDA, Drastically downgraded the “good to excellent” spring wheat rate estimate: this ratio is currently 11%, the lowest since 1988.

The result: “The Wheat prices are green again Climate risks are on the rise in recent days, ”said Marius Garrick of Terre-Net. Tito last night for corn.

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