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Heat wave: the biggest exception for June

Heat wave: the biggest exception for June

TUESDAY, June 8, 2021 7:40 p.m. – Quebec is currently experiencing a second heat wave this season. Over the next few days, changing the diet will help eliminate heat and moisture. Is there any hope of seeing the heat again in June?


  • Two waves of heat before the summer solstice in Quebec;
  • sudden regime change
  • Heat returns after June 20.

broken start

June started in Quebec with heat for the first eight days. For Montreal, this was the hottest streak since 1942. The presence of high pressure in Bermuda allowed tropical heat to rise towards the province. Already, this is the second heat wave this year. June 8 marked the end of this three-day scorching episode, with a hot spot in Sagueni (35°C). On average, the first heat wave occurs on June 17th.

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change diet

A rather brutal transformation will occur as an air basin will appear in Quebec. Over the next few days, the mercury will begin to fall and dry air is expected to dominate with the summer solstice on June 20. A dome of cold air located north of Hudson Bay will reduce the heat and even bring snow to the north of the county.

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heat return

Hopes for the heat in June peak during the last third of the month. The elevation of Bermuda is expected to approach the coast again to allow heat from the southern United States to transfer to Quebec. To the west, intense heat prevails due to the combustion caused by the cold waters of the camps in the Pacific Ocean.

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hot summer

Historically, in Quebec, early heat waves often announce a hot summer. Over twenty years, data has confirmed this. When two or more heat waves occur before the solstice, the county experiences an average of four more waves. So there should be at least six heat waves this year according to the statistics while the regular season contains four heat waves in total.

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