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Heat wave: Fires continue to burn in New South Wales

Fires burning out of control in several parts of the state’s Midwest prompted emergencies and warnings Monday evening.

NSW Rural Fire Service Inspector Ben Sheppard said the current heat wave has fueled the highest fire risk since the 2020 bushfires, The New Daily reported.

Residents were urged to take shelter in Tambarura on Monday evening as dozens of firefighters battled a blaze that threatened to blaze 600 hectares.

Water bombers and construction machinery were called in to control the blaze, which broke out in rugged and often inaccessible terrain.

By 3am on Tuesday, the situation in Tambarura had improved and the alert was lifted, and then returned to watch.

About 40 fires are burning in the state, and firefighters have warned that the situation could worsen as the heat fans the flames.

Temperature recording

On Monday, Sydney experienced its hottest day in two years, with temperatures exceeding 40C in some parts of the city.

High temperatures will not drop until Thursday. Firefighters are bracing for scorching hot days ahead and warning of high fire danger for much of the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s long-range forecast for the autumn indicates that much of Australia will be drier and warmer than normal.

Meanwhile, thunderstorms – with strong, damaging winds – will hit north-east New South Wales on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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