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Health officials fear up to 60,000 flu deaths this winter

The National Health Service, the British Public Health Organization, aims to vaccinate more than half of the population against the flu, 35 million people, this winter.

In the midst of the Govt-19 epidemic, the UK has not forgotten the risks of other viruses. The National Health Service (NHS), Britain’s public health agency, fears 60,000 people will die from the disease this winter, launching the largest flu vaccination campaign in its history. According to DefenderThe NHS hopes to vaccinate 35 million people against influenza, which affects more than half of Britain’s population.

In fact, experts fear the arrival of the first winter when the Govt-19 virus and the flu virus actually spread simultaneously. First, a large part of the British have lost their immunity to the flu, especially due to the very low circulation of the virus under the health restrictions associated with the Govt. Most importantly, the restrictions in question are part of the country’s ancient history, and the population is mixing significantly more than last year.

Many models installed Academy of Medical Sciences Establish that 15,000 to 60,000 deaths this winter could be caused by the flu, which will make the 2021-2022 season twice as deadly as the normal year in the country.

Influenza vaccine and withdrawal against Govit-19

So the British authorities decided to do everything possible to avoid this flu wave. Newly trained health workers will be allowed to administer influenza vaccines, and citizens are urged to book their free flu vaccine as soon as possible.

This campaign coincides with the vaccine booster against Govt-19, which is recommended for people over the age of 50, highly vulnerable or health professionals in the United Kingdom.

“We are facing a harsh winter, but for ourselves and those around us, we need to increase the Govt-19 vaccine and flu vaccine if we are qualified,” said Dr Jenny Harris, Managing Director of the UK. Health Care Agency.

Currently, 1.7 million people in the UK have already received the third dose of the Govt vaccine. Whenever possible the NHS ensures that vaccination centers are vaccinated against influenza and Govt-19 during the same meeting.

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