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Health declaration is not a scientific dead end - version

Health declaration is not a scientific dead end – version


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COVID-19 pandemic in Francea file

For the Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Tenon Hospital in Paris, Gilles Bialot, the adoption or non-use of this tool should not make us forget that the fight against Covid passes above all through joint prevention.

This is bad news for the fight against Covid: Under the double axis of the presidential campaign and parliamentary debate on the passage of the vaccine passage passed this Thursday in the Assembly, the epidemic that has been gnawing at us for two years is certainly becoming a political issue. A case in which science, which is not an opinion despite its uncertainty and gray areas, is taken hostage, vilified, abused, and exploited. Question for a moment: Is the health pass, or even vaccination, a scientifically effective tool for prevention in times of a pandemic or completely ineffective, a stupid and useless measure that should be withdrawn as some policies claim? We know at this point that even CNIL was affected by Zahir ‘Lack of evidence’ Insisting “On the need for elements that make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments […] quickly, in order to continue exercising its mission.” The search for answers, complex, requires a prerequisite: it is accepted by all that it is difficult in a model of combined prevention, as in the case of Covid, to attribute to a particular tool a particular efficacy. A mandatory health clearance is always adopted, regardless of its field of application, in the context of variables that overlap each other, such as the adoption of barrier measures (rather than reduction), the occurrence of more transmissible viral variants (R0) …

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