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He regretted a scammer who sold fake show tickets

The woman who was arrested a year ago for selling fake show tickets is now ready to pay off her victims.

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Carina Gauthier found herself in the spotlight in April 2022 after defrauding dozens of people. Using Marketplace, I’ve repeatedly sold a couple of tickets to a Mike Ward show.

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“The tickets she didn’t have, and even when I sent an electronic copy of the tickets, people who attended the show discovered that their ticket was invalid,” explained the defendant’s attorney, Me Ariane Bergeron.

A total of 16 fraud charges were filed against Laterriere’s wife. In addition to tickets to the show, she also sold furniture that wasn’t there.

“She’s a single mother, she doesn’t have a lot of income, and she found this way to make money and raise her two daughters,” Me Bergeron explained.

According to the defence, the defendant feels remorse. The court was informed of its intention to compensate the 15 buyers.

“My lady will repay what she can, but there is an admission on her part that her actions were not a good way of doing it,” Bergeron implored me.

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The police will ensure that reimbursement processes for victims develop.

“When there is a response, the court will certainly take it into account,” said Director of Criminal and Criminal Prosecutions, Mi Marie Jose Gagnon Hameln.

One of the complainants, Vanessa Tremblay, wanted to be present in the courtroom. She claims to have lent Karina Gauthier $4,000 in the past to help her buy a car.

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The lender, who later learned there was never a house for sale, revealed, “She told me she would reimburse me the same week, since she had to sign the agreement to sell her house.”

“I asked her what she did with my money, and she told me she had already spent it,” said Mrs. Tremblay.

“I don’t expect to see my money again. I don’t expect anything from her. Until today (in the courtroom), she had no emotion!”

The defendants will return to court on October 31. Whatever the punishment, his lawyer is convinced that the curtain will fall on his life of crime.

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