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He owes $13.5 million

Rimouski’s Distillerie du St.Laurent has $13.5 million in debt and has taken steps to make a proposal to its creditors.

Today, Le Soir newspaper has confirmed this Saint Laurent Distillery He is experiencing serious financial difficulties. The co-owner and “brand admiral” of the company, Joel Pelletier, on March 15, in Rimouski, signed a notice of intent to make an offer to creditors, pursuant to the provisions of subsection 50.4(1) of the Code.

29 creditors

The list that we were able to cross-reference includes 29 creditors of more than $250 at $13.5 million. Among the most significant are Investissement Québec, for $3.85 million, entrepreneur Marcel Charest of Saint-Pascal for $3.8 million, Desjardins Venture Capital for $1.35 million, and Canada Economic Development, with receivables totaling $529,000. The grand total is $13,577,382.25.

Rimouski’s companies are also on the list of creditors, including surveying company Pelletier and Couillard, Multisoudures, Matrec (residual materials management), Amour Liquide (pocket cocktails) and Dickner’s Tools.

The new distillery attracted a lot of people last summer. (Photo: Saint Laurent Distillery website)

A project worth $11.5 million

Last July, Saint-Laurent Distillery opened new facilities located at 135 rue Père-Nouvel in the Pointe-au-Père district, in Rimouski. This $11.5 million project was originally $9.5 million and created 25 jobs. A $3.5 million loan from Investissement Québec, which is among the creditors, was given to the distillery. FarmCredit Canada contributed $3.5 million. Canadian economic development was another source of public funding.

(Photo: Saint Laurent Distillery website)

Gin Saint Laurent

The Micro Distillery was launched in 2015 on very humble foundations. But the first product of the Distillery de Saint Laurent, Jean Saint Laurent, was an extraordinary success. Saint Laurent is produced using seaweed from the river and is available in 14 countries around the world, including Belgium, the Philippines, Singapore, Germany, the United States and Japan. It now produces seven distinct alcohols.

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The launch of the new distillery was a great success. (photo: archive)


It appears to be business as usual on the company’s website, as the March schedule calls for the coffee house to be open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. The shop is closed this month. A basic catering service is offered, but distillery tours have been suspended until the next tourist season.


We tried to get a reaction from Mr. Pelletier, but to no avail. We also tried accessing Lemieux Nolet’s file manager, Guillaume Therrien.