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He finds the largest collection of abandoned cars in the UK!

A YouTuber has made a sensational discovery. According to him, this is the largest collection of abandoned cars ever seen in the UK!

According to the Youtubeur who created this invention, @IMSTOKZEThis collection of abandoned cars The largest ever discovered UK Is he exaggerating? Probably. In August 2021, another fan of these forgotten vehicle hunts has already found a collection 175 cars Around London. Anyway, IMSTOKZE’s find is definitely exceptional, given the size of the collection and the cars he found.

This Youtubeur is far from a newbie Search for used vehicles. Although his channel is not very popular, he has made some remarkable discoveries on British soil. One of his latest discoveries has enriched his hunting list. According to him, the collection also includes much-loved older models.

Rare BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes

Browsing this new collection, it looks like IMSTOKZE didn’t have it in the first place No luxury vehicles. “No Porsche or Ferrari”, he observes. The discovery may sound too bland for him, especially since he’s already made a name for himself in January 2022 when he unearths a collection full of Aston Martins, Bentleys and Porsches.

However, he found some beautiful models. His video thus occupies the field, including old vehicles Chap 9-3 And a Ford Sierra XR4x4. Also, a building stands, inside which other abandoned cars are stored. According to him, given the number of machines out there, it should be a forgotten bust. But in this junk, he still managed to find cars that are unusual these days.

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A Jaguar XJS in the middle of a scrapyard

A Jaguar XJS A 3.6 liter engine is fitted in the middle of this hatch. Rather than being favored by some collectors, the model has been traded and increasing in value over the years €15,000. The copies with 3.6 liter engine are more expensive than others. The condition of the car discovered by IMSTOKZE is absolutely remarkable.

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Other significant discoveries were made. For example, he found the 1.6-liter Peugeot 205 GTi, copies of which could easily be sold. Over 22,000 euros of our time. Historic models from Ford, Land Rover and Mercedes have also been found. “Some of these cars are extremely rare and should never be left in this condition”And finally the YouTuber said he was a little sad to see these beautiful cars abandoned in the middle of the street.